The Six Gifts of Hospitality


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The Six Gifts of Hospitality

Explores this colletion of gifts by using the words of Jesus in Matt. 25:31-40: When I was....
- hungry you gave Me food,
- thirsty you gave Me drink,
- a stranger you took Me in,
- naked you clothed Me,
- sick you visited Me,
- in prison you came to Me.
For the Christian, hospitality in a broad sense is a commandment: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Matt. 22:39). So it is not a matter of whether we wish to offer some form of hospitality but a viatl part of our purpose in life. By using these gifts, we fulfill the two greatest commandments - to love God and love one another.

by Laurel S. Sewell
Paperback, 126 pages

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