I Sought For A Man


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I Sought For a Man - Teaching Men to Be Real Men, God's Men

A topical study. Men need to be taught to be real men, God's men! This 26 lesson workbook develops themes about the Christian man and his God, his money, his neighbors, and his responsibilities as a father, as a husband, and as a servant of God.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: The Christian Man Who is a Real Man
1 - Masculinity-Is It Only Physical?
2 - Show Thyself A Man
3 - Self-Confidence Breeds Success
4 - Your Body-Asset or Liability?
Section 2: The Christian Man as a Husband
5 - Man's Basic Role
6 - One Worse Than an Infidel
7 - Man, the Lover
8 - The Strength of Gentleness
Section 3: The Christian Man as a Father
9 - Fathers of Orphans
10 - Discipline, A Act of Love
11 - Like Father, Like Son
12 - Daughters Need a Father Too
Section 4: The Christian Man and His Money
13 - Spell It W-O-R-K
14 - Building An Estate
15 - Will A Man Rob God?
16 - Charge It!
17 - The Root of All Evil
Section 5: The Christian Man and His Neighbors
18 - Living In the World But Not Like the World
19 - Honor Among Thieves
20 - Who Is My Neighbor
21 - How Oft Shall I Forgive?
Section 6: The Christian Man and His God
22 - Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
23 - Winning Souls for Christ
24 - Preparing to Work as a Deacon
25 - Desiring the Work of an Elder
26 - Reaching for the Ultimate

by Robert Harkrider

Paperback, 88 pages.

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