Apostacy Among "Churches of Christ"


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First published in 1980, Barnhart hoped to encourage thorough study by Christians in order to determine how churches can fall away from the Scripturally-authorized and explained purpose of the Lord's Church.

From the Forward: "Have you ever seriously studied a teaching or practice being promoted in the congregation of which you are a member, with the purpose of determining from the Scriptures if it is right? Deep down, do you feel a stronger loyalty to faithfully follow Christ in His word or to keep in full harmony with friends in the local congregation?"

Table of Contents:
1 - Introduction
2 - Charts and Quotations showing the contrast beteen Bible Teaching and Current Liberal Practices
(included topics on authority, cooperation, collective action and sponsoring churches, responsibilities in good works and benevolence, social and recreational activities, secular education and other liberalism issues.
3 - Quotes: Opposition to similar practies 1900-1950
4 - Conclusion an Appeal

by E. Glen Barnhart
Paper, 19 pages

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