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Challenges of Our Times - Thaxter Dickey
Why Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong - David McClister
Truth and Certainty in an Age of Doubt - Lawrence Kelley
How Can I Be Sure the Bible Doesn't Contain Mistakes? - Doy Moyer
How Can I Be Sure the Bible Includes the Right Books? - Tom Hamilton
Why Should I Follow the Bible? - Max Dawson
What is the Difference Between Them and Us? - Earl Robertson
Where Do I Draw the Line? - Edwin Crozier
Are There Moral Dilemmas in the Bible? - L.A. Stauffer
How Can I Be an Honest Person? - Jason Moore
What Can I Do Now That I've Messed Up? - Mark Broyles
Are All Religions Equal? - Ed Sanderson, Sr.
How Can I Deal With Social Pressures? - Rick Lanning
How Should I Regard Modern Science? - Doug Northcutt
Can I Get a College Education Without Compromising My Faith? - Brian Crispell

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