Bible Baptism

Bible Baptism


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Bible Baptism

This workbook for adults has thirteen lessons presenting the teaching of the Bible on the subject of baptism in a well-arranged manner. Helps students answer objections to Bible baptism.

- Baptisms in the Bible
- Voices on the Action of Baptism
- What Baptism Is and Is Not
- Bible Baptism in the Book of Acts
- Bible Baptism As Taught in the Epistles
- Answering Objections to Bible Baptism
- What's Wrong With Denominational Baptism?
- The Necessity of Baptism
- Hindrance to Bible Baptism
- Blessings of Bible Baptism
- Where God Put Bible Baptism
by Johnie Edwards, Johnie Paul Edwards, and John Isaac Edwards.

Paperback, 37 pages.

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