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A Concise Account of CHURCH HISTORYwith Questions for Group Study

In giving a reason for his hope, the well informed Christian must have an accurate knowledge of the Scriptures. He will be even better prepared to support the truth if he also has some understanding of the ways in which men have departed from the Bible through the ages. A study of church history is valuable for this purpose. This workbook has 10 lessons with questions.

1 - The New Testament Church
2 - The Church During The Ante-Nicene Period
3 - The Church During the Ante-Nicene Period (Concluded)
4 - The Church During the Dark Ages
5 - The Church During the Dark Ages (Concluded)
6 - The Reformation
7 - The Reformation (Continued)
8 - The Reformation (concluded)
9. The Restoration Movement
10-The Restoration Movement (Concluded)

by John D. Cox

Paperback, 93 pages

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