1977 Lecture Book - Centers of Faith and Faltering


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Jerusalem: Where Time Became Full - Jack L. Holt
Jerusalem: The Disciples Multiplied - Ford Carpenter
Samaria: Preaching Christ - Johnie Edwards
Caesarea: Call No Man Common or Unclean - Floyd D. Chappelear
Antioch: Disciples Called Christians - Grover Stevens
Galatia: Perversion of the Gospel - Claude M. Wilsford
Troas and Philippi: "Come Over and Help Us" - Jim Sasser
Thessalonica: Trouble and Rest - Kelly Ellis
Corinth: "Fightings Within and Without" - Ken Green
The Times of Ignorance: Paul at Athens - Phil Roberts
Ephesus: "I Shunned Not..." - Dean Bullock
Colosse: "Christ In You" - Mason Harris
Rome: "They of Caesar's Household" - Robert H. West
Peter: The Man of Faith - Daniel H. King
Men of Faith: Barnabas - Bill Hall
Men of Faith: Paul - David Arnold

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