1979 Lecture Book - Godly Family in a Sick Society


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Lot's Family - Gene Tope
David's Family - Aude McKee
Eli's Family - Cliff Buchanon
Disregard for Marriage - Harold Comer
The Problem of the Aged - Dee Bowman
Husband/Father - Harold Trimble
Dangers to the Wife/Mother Role in the Home as Reflected in the Woman's Liberation Movement - Horrace Huggins
Children - Conway Skinner
Worship in the Family - Tom Bunting
Moral Teaching in the Family - Delton Porter
Family Together Activities - David Tant
The Disease: Humanistic Thinking - Dave Bradford
Contagion: Social Pressures on the Family - James Adams
Carriers: Mass Media and Secular Education - James P. Needham
Prevention and Cure: The Great Physician - James R. Cope
Disregard for Human Life: A Study of Abortion - John Clark

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