1985 Lecture Book - Humanism: Devotion to Man


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An Overview: Sound the Alarm: The Threats of Humanism - James P. Needham
Jesus and Darwin - David A. Eakin
Jesus and Marx - Melvin Curry
Jesus and Freud - Harold V. Comer
The School System: Values Clarification - Ward E. Ellsworth
Media Manipulation - Guy E. Warner
Organized Humanism - Allan Turner
The Christian and Human Rights - Daniel N. Burton
The Sanctity of Human Life - John H. Haley, Jr.
Situational Sexual Ethics - Mike Willis
Divine Ethics in a Corrupt Society - Homer Hailey
True Wisdom in an Age of Folly - Homer Hailey
Reacceptance of Separateness - Connie W. Adams
Reconsideration of Prviate Education - John L. Clark
Recovery of Family Life - Bob Buchanon
Constancy in Times of Conflict - Homer Hailey

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