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Following God's Plan - 11 Essential Components to Building a Child

Training Up a Child, by Gwendolyn Webb, has been revised and reprinted. Many parents have used this book along side the Bible to raise their children in a manner pleasing to God. Now it is time for Training Up a Child to be used by another generation as they bring up their children to serve God. The new book contains the same teaching found in the old book, plus more. There is also an addendum by Dr. Denmark Speaks, expanding the book to 476 pages.

Mrs. Webb impresses upon the reader the importance of the jobs of both Mother and Father, showing the Biblical roles of a submissive wife and a loving husband.

Her teaching on the necessity of consistency in discipline and requiring immediate obedience will cause Christian readers to strive to improve. Developing good work habits is properly called "a priceless heritage." This is greatly needed in our society! Countless illustrations make the book interesting to read and easy to apply.

The last section of Training Up a Child stresses parents standing together, communication, and how worshiping in spirit and truth as a family will impact upon a child.

Buy several for baby gifts. Excellent for the church library and/or a young mothers' class.

by Gwendolyn M. Webb
Paperback, 482 pages

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