1991 Lecture Book - God's Work in God's Way


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Working in All the World - Sewell Hall
God's Eternal Purpose - Leon Goff
Revealing the Mystery - Mike Wilson
Providing the Opportunities - Matt Qualls
Preparation for the Work - Royce Chandler
Evangelizing the Lost - Charles G. Goodall
Strengthening the Brethren - Leslie Diestelkamp
Equipping the Saints - Floyd Chappelear
Supporting the Work - James P. Needham
Overcoming Obstacles - Jady W. Copeland
The Good Samaritans - Jefferson David Tant
Given to Hospitality - David Arnold
In the World but Not of the World - Douglas G. Barlar
Leading in the Work - James D. Yates
Working to the Glory of God - Aude McKee
Unacclaimed Heroes of the Faith - Dee Bowman

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