The Goodall Filing System for the Preacher


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Foreward from Charles G. Goodall:
"As a college student preparing to preach, I became keenly aware of the need for an efficient filing system for the growing accumulation of materials I had collected. The filing systems I found in print quickly proved to be either unadaptable or entirely too complicated. Necessity became the motivation for the development of this system.

This system in general is not designed for the research scholar who wishes to document his work. It is designed to enable a preaher to put his hands on his subject material in a very short period of time. It deliberately is not exhaustive. In fact no indices were used to obtain the ALPHABETICAL INDEX (provided in the book). Every entry was the result of a file already with material in it in the author's file cabinet. The system is highly adaptable to an individual's peculiar topics. Yet, it is organized in such a way that many hours formerly spent digging through boxes and thumbing through books can be devoted to profitable study. The accomplishment of this objective alone justifies my effort."

by Charles G. Goodall
Paper, spiral bound, 66 pages

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