Studies in the Book of Revelation


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Including Outline Studies of the Letters to the Seven Churches and Emperor Worship in the Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is considered by many people to be the mystery book of the Bible. The name Apocalypse or Revelation indicates that the content of the book is the unveiling of a mystery. Far from being a secret, the book explains to God's people of Asia Minor, near the end of the first century AD, that they will be able to overcome every opposition by loyalty to the Lamb.

These studies in the book of Revelation will provide the diligent student with an overview of Revelation and give him a sense of confidence in approaching the book for additional advanced study.

Topics Discussed:

- Introducing the Book at the End of the Bible
- Worthy is the Lamb (Chapt 1-11)
- Saints Victorious (Chapt. 12-22)
- Does Revelation Teach Premillennialism?
- Letters to the Seven Churches
- Emperor Worship inthe Book of Revelation

Two charts furnish a complete overview of Revelation and help the student to grasp the overall content of the book.

by Ferrell Jenkins.
Paperback, 90 pages.

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