1994 Lecture Book - Overcoming with the Lamb


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Overview of the Book of Revelation - Daniel King
Introduction to the Book of Revelation - Ferrell Jenkins
The Throne Scene - Marty Pickup
The Seven Seals - Brooks Cochran
The Seven Trumpets - Matt Qualls
Portraits of Jesus in Revelation - Weldon Warnock
The Woman, the Dragon, and the Male Child - Steve Dewhirst
The Beasts from the Sea and the Earth - David McClister
The Lamb on Mount Zion - Ray Madrigal
The Seven Bowls of Wrath - Frank Jamerson
Christ Among the Lampstands - Robert Harkrider
The Great City of Babylon - Wilson Copeland
The Divine Warrior - Frank Walton
The Binding of Satan and the Judgment - Clinton D. Hamilton
The New Heavens and the New Earth - David Barnes
Jesus - the Root and Offspring of David - Kenneth Chumbley

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