Abstain from Every Form of Evil (Truth in Life)


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Truth In Life Adult Series Workbook

This workbook for teens and adults has 21 lessons on moral issues facing all Christians. Each lesson is written by a different author.

1. Authority in bible Ethics
2. Basis of Christian Ethics
3. Situation Ethics
4. Drug abuse
5. Marijuana
6. Drinking
7. Smoking
8. Fornication and Adultery
9. Living in Adultery
10. Abortion
11. Pornography
12. Homosexuality
13. Dancing
14. Immodest Dress
15. Swimsuit Question
16. Dishonesty
17. Shoplifting
18. Is gambling Right?
19. Profanity
20. Respectable Worldliness
21. Gospel Preacher Cannot Compromise on Worldliness

92 pages. Paperback. Edited by Mike Willis

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