A Comprehensive Study of The Revelation


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A Comprehensice Story of The Revolution
by Elam Kuykendall

"The author has used both the old, original, King James Version and the New King James Version of the Bible. An attempt has been made to leave the blanks long enough to accommodate either version, so some may be appreciably longer than is needed for the version you are using. Also, we have found it necessary to leave a few of the blanks rather long to accommodate more than one word, as the number of words needed for an answer may vary according to which version is used. When the versions differ on the word needed to ask a question, the New King James Version is used primarily, with the King James wording inserted in brackets.

Students must study the Bible itself for the answers.
The "Vocabulary Builder" sections cause the students to learn the meanings of difficult words.
Blanks to fill in are each approximately the length of the correct word or words to fill that blank.
No filler questions to make a set number on each chapter or section. The number varies according to the content of the chapter.
Wide variety of types of questions: completion, true and false, matching, etc.
Test sheets are placed throughout the book.
A test over ALL the book is included at the end of each book in the Comprehensive Study and the Systematic Study Bible Workbooks.

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