Unity in the Local Church


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This workbook addresses the issue of unity, and the church's responsibility to "keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." God's plan for unity is adequate and comprehendable, and Unity in the Local Church is designed to help bretheren to study the plan of God for unity with a determination to follow that plan.
130 pages, 29 lessons, paperback.


Part One
1. Unity in the Local Church
2. Unity in the Local Church: Questions
3. How Unity is Obtained - When Division Occurs
4. How Unity is Obtained: Questions
5. One God and Unity
6. One God and Unity: Questions
7. One Lord and Unity
8. One Lord and Unity: Questions
9. One Spirit and Unity
10. One Spirit and Unity: Questions
11. The Gifts of the One Spirit
12. The Gifts of the One Spirit: Questions
13. The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
14. The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: Questions

Part Two
1. One Faith and Unity
2. One Faith and Unity: Questions
3. Vital Truths Regarding the One Faith
4. Vital Truths Regarding the One Faith: Questions
5. One Baptism and Unity
6. One Baptism and Unity: Questions
7. The One Baptism
8. The One Baptism: Questions
9. The One Body and Unity
10. The One Body and Unity: Questions
11. Observations Concerning the One Body
12. Observations Concerning the One Body: Questions
13. One Hope and Unity
14. One Hope and Unity: Questions
15. A Comprehensive Review of Unity

by Billy W. Moore

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