New Testament Lessons Vol. 1


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New Testament Lessons Volume 1
The Life of Christ and Acts
Matthew through Acts in 32 Lessons
by Granville W. Tyler

A Series of 3 workbooks covering the entire New Testament in 92 lessons.

Vol. 1: THE LIFE OF CHRIST AND ACTS (32 lessons)
Vol. 2: THE EPISTLES - Romans through 2 Thessalonians (30 lessons)
Vol. 3: EPISTLES AND REVELATION - I Timothy through Revelation (30 lessons)
These workbooks are designed to teach, not something about the Bible, but the Bible itself. Questions are asked that may be answered from The New Testament. Adequate space follows each question for a clear cut answer. Answers to all questions may be found in the scripture references given at the beginning of each lesson.

These lessons should help to familiarize one with his New Testament, as he turns back and forth to find answers to the questions and give one an overall view and a fair working knowledge of the New Testament.

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