Church History (Truth in Life)


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from Truth in Life Workbook Series

This material was prepared and delivered as sermons at the West Knoxville church of Christ, Knoxville, TN. This accounts for the lack of documentation in a number of places. At this point in time it would be impossible for me to express appreciation to every author but the first two volumes of The Search for the Ancient Order by Earl I. West, History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century by J.H. D'Aubigne, D.D., A Manual of Church History by Albert Henry Newman and History of the Christian Church by W.M. Blackburn, D.D. were helpful to me. -from the author: Aude McKee

Table of Contents:
1 - Origin of the Lord's Church
2 - The Church, Growth and Apostasy
3 - The Rise of Catholocism
4 - Catholic Dogmas (1)
5 - Catholic Dogmas (2)
6 - Reformation (1)
7. Reformation )2)
8 - Church of England
9 - Presbyterian Church
10 - Baptist Church
11 - Methodist Church
12 - The Restoration
13 - Origin of the Christian Church
14 - Church History to the Present Day

by Aude McKee

Paperback, 90 pages

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