Christians and Cancer


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Christians and Cancer by Mike Wilson

Cancer is on the rise! Approximately 1 in 3 Americans will contract it, and the statistics are going up. How will you respond if it strikes you or someone you love? This book tells the story of a preacher's wife who was diagnosed with the rare and aggressive "inflammatory breast cancer" (IBC). Would it be a death sentence?

Cheryl Wilson and her family discovered that God's people, armed with a biblical perspective, have a huge advantage over unbelievers when facing a cancer-related crisis. As a Christian, her personal faith and unique support network affected her mental outlook, her mind-body relationship, and her ability to place adversity in its proper perspective. In short, her faith allowed her to live! Each chapter of this heartwarming story closes with spiritual reflections. You will discover:
>How Christians benefit from a God-given support system
>Biblical coping mechanisms
>Life-changing comments on Scripture

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