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The Denominations Comparison pamphlet compares 12 Christian denominations and what they believe on different topics. It includes a "Family Tree of Denominations" which shows the roots of today's denominations and when they organized.

Groups include:
Churches of Christ
Roman Catholic
What do they believe about God, the Trinity, Jesus, the Scriptures, Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and salvation? This easy-to-understand pamphlet has brief, concise answers. All of these groups believe in the deity of Christ and the importance of Scripture, so what makes them different?

Topics include:
Founder and date
Number of adherents
How Scripture is viewed
Who is God
Who is Jesus
How individuals are saved
What happens after death
The definition of the Church
How the Sacraments Are Viewed
Other Practices and Beliefs
Major Divisions and Trends Today
The Denominations Comparison pamphlet is an excellent source for pastors and teachers who want to present denominational beliefs in a concise and focused manner. The full color pamphlet organizes the denominations comparisons in the order in which they came to be, first covering the six liturgical denominations followed by the six non-liturgical denominations.

BONUS: Includes a short summary of these christian churches, their founders, size, and denominational ties
Calvary Chapel
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Church of God
Church of the Nazarene
Evangelical Covenant Church
Evangelical Free Church of America
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Salvation Army
Vineyard Ministries International
Pamphlet is 8.5" x 5.5", has 12 panels, and fits inside a Bible cover. Unfolds to 33".

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