God's Plan for Parenting (Truth in Life)


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Truth in Life Workbook Series

A thorough study of God's design for families and parenting, this 13 lesson workbook helps any young couple discover what God expects from parents and offers to parents the support and scriptual framework they need to build a godly home.

Each lesson is written by a different author, and questions are provided for discussion and consideration.

Table of Contents:
1) The Need for Godly Parents in an Ungodly World - Kevin Maxey
2) Be Who You Want Your Children to Be - Steve Locklair
3) Love Your Children By Loving Your Mate - Chris Reeves
4) Fathers, Take the Lead - Andy Alexander
5) Women, Keep the Home - Jennifer Maxey
6) Discipline - Kyle Campbell
7) Challenges for Parents With Small Children During Worship Services - Jarrod Jacobs
8) Raising Teenagers - Donnie V. Rader
9) Worldliness and the Home - Larry Hafley
10) Lessons from the Dinner Table - Harold Callaway
11) Stones and Serpents - Joe Price
12) The Wayward Child - Tom Roberts
13) Letting Go - Mike Willis

Edited by Kevin Maxey
Paperback, 66 pages

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