Because We Love You (Truth in Life)


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Truth In Life Adult Series Workbook

Workbook for teenagers discussing important topics they will face. Lessons are all from perspective of parents saying "Because we love you, let's talk about:
1.Dating - by John A. Smith
2.The Music You Like - by Sid Latham
3.The Movies You Watch -by Matthew Allen
4.How You Dress - by Jason McCort
5.Substance Addiction - by Stan Adams
6.Sex - by Chuck Barlett
7.Homosexuality - by David Dann
8.Abortion - by Jesse A. Flowers
9.Your Language - by Jason Hardin
10.Attitude Toward Authority - by Greg King
11.Gambling - by Keith Greer
12.Sports Activities and the Christian Life - by Mike Willis
13.Remembering Our Creator in the Days of Our Youth - by Brian Anderson

Edited by Mike Willis, lessons were written by gospel preachers.

13 lessons with questions following each lesson.

57 pages. Paperback.

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