It's Just Been Glorious


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People who knew her kept saying, "You must write a book about Malene." "Please write a book about Marlene." I wasn't sure. But as soon as I began to write, ordinary things added up to extraordinary. And with some real-life adventure to add in, it turned out to be a pure pleasure to write.

...Whatever lessons are here, I have tried to let her actions. life, and words make her point. Young women can see in Marlene's story a joy that is never going to come from a secularism that recognizes little difference in the roles of women and men. Her life may well encourage other women about the glories of feminity and noble character. My hope is that her story might live on as it is given on such occasions as graduations, marriages, and childbirth to those whom the reader loves.
- from the back cover by Dale Smelser

Dale Smelser.
Hardback, 360 pages.

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Its Just Been Glorious: The Storied Life of Marlene Smelzer, 22nd Apr 2011

Reviewer: Carol Shaw

This book was written by Christian preacher, Dale Smelser, after his wife, Marlene, passed away from cancer. His telling the “Storied Life of Marlene Smelser” was the balm that his spirit required for love and admiration are evident on every page. Dale wrote effortlessly and descriptively as if he was journalling at the end of each day. How could a person remember so much unless he had enjoyed his life and his wife as much as he obviously did?
I also learned of the evangelical work being done in China and of the souls that convert to Christianity despite the danger.
In the process, I came to love and admire Marlene and her family as well.
It will be a joy to meet her. Thanks Dale. Your work together continues...

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