Get Ready, Get Set, I Do! Workbook


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This study guide, a companion to Charlie Brackett's book titled Get Ready, Get Set, I Do!, (ISBN 978-0-9779577-0-5) is especially designed for classroom use. The questions in this workbook parallel the book's content. Get Ready, Get Set, I Do!, the book, includes questions for individual evaluation of a person's suitability as a marriage partner. They are designed to help individuals who are contemplating marriage identify strengths that will assist in building a happy relationship and weaknesses that might hinder marital success. Consequently, the questions are very personal, useful in choosing a marriage partner. While the book is targeted primarily to those contemplating marriage, it is equally valuable as a self-help tool for married couples who would like to improve their relationship. After the book was published, many expressed interest in using it with the Bible as a textbook in class study. This student study workbook was created to address that interest by providing a broader range of questions suitable for group discussion.

Charlie Brackett

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