Exodus & Leviticus: The Bible Text Book Series


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The Bible Text Book Series is an excellent commentary workbook series. Each lesson consists of several pages of commentary followed by a couple of pages of short answer questions. Great workbook for adult and upper teenage Bible classes.

1. Introduction to Exodus
2. The Call of Moses
3. God Sends Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh
4. Moses and Aaron Before Pharaoh and the Plagues (1)
5. The Plagues (2)
6. The Institution of the Pssover and the Last Plague
7. Sanctification of the Firstborn and Deliverance at the Red Sea
8. The Song of Moses and Early Wilderness Wanderings
9. Israel at Rephidim
10. Arrival at Sinai and the Receiving of the Covenant
11. The Book of the Covenant (1)
12. The Book of the Covenant (2)
13. The Tabernacle
14. The Establishment of the Priesthood
15. Further Instructions Concerning the Tabernacle
16. The Covenant Broken and Renewed
17. The Construction and Erection of the Tabernacle
18. Introduction to Leviticus and the Laws of Sacrifice (1)
19. The Laws of Sacrifice (2)
20. The Institution of the Priesthood
21. Laws Relating to Uncleanness
22. The Day of Atonement
23. Holiness of Conduct
24. Holiness of Priests
25. Holy Days
26. Concluding Words

Mike Willis
Paperback, 97 pages.

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