Discovering God's Way Junior 1-1 Beginning of God's Way


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Discovering God's Way curriculum Junior 1:1 Beginning of God's Way

By L'Von Qualls

The Beginning Of God's Way begins a two year in-depth study of the Old Testament. This series of eight workbooks reviews and builds on the three different surveys studied earlier as a 2 year old, 4 year old, and first grader. Upon completion of this series the student should have a good working knowledge of the Bible's Time Line.

Lesson 1. How the World Began
Lesson 2. The Flood Destroys the World Lesson 3. God`s Promises to Abraham Lesson 4. The Promised Son is Born Lesson 5. A Wife for Isaac
Lesson 6. Jacob and Esau
Lesson 7. A Wife for Jacob
Lesson 8. Joseph is Sold into Slavery Lesson 9. Joseph Prospers in Egypt
Lesson 10. Joseph Forgives His Brothers Lesson 11. Joseph`s Family Comes to Egypt
Lesson 12. Job`s Love for God is Tested Lesson 13. Review

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