Explorer Series 2- Faith Building Answers


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Explorer Series #2 - Faith Building Answers
from Apologetics Press

This second installment in the series is for parents who want their children to learn the foundations of Christian faith and how to improve that faith. Each full-color, 8-page lesson includes professional artwork and illustrations that appeal to young readers, as well as activities such as puzzles, word-finds, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false questions, and mazes-all of which are intended to reinforce the teaching found within each lesson. The series is flexible enough so that it can be used in Bible class settings, VBS classes, homeschooling, or even summer camps. It is designed so that teachers have the freedom to send individual lessons home with each child, or compile all 13 lessons into a notebook that can be used in class and then given to the child for future reference at the end of the quarter.

Recommended for 5th-6th grade
Lesson 1-The Genesis Account of Creation
Lesson 2-The Age of the Earth
Lesson 3-Man: Created in the Image of God
Lesson 4-Satan: His Origin and Mission
Lesson 5-The Fall of Man
Lesson 6-The Genesis Flood
Lesson 7-The Tower of Babel
Lesson 8-Old and New Testaments: What’s the difference?
Lesson 9-How We Got the Bible
Lesson 10-World Religions versus Christianity
Lesson 11-Are There Mistakes in the Bible?
Lesson 12-Evil, Pain, and Suffereing
Lesson 13-Faith and Knowledge

104 page, paper

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