Discovering God's Way Preschool 1-2 Egypt to Promised Land


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Discovering God's Way Curriculum
Preschool 1:2 From Egypt to Promised Land

Lesson 1: Baby Moses/The Burning Bush
Lesson 2: God Sends the Plagues/God Sent More Plagues
Lesson 3: God Leads His People/Crossing the Red Sea
Lesson 4: God Took Care of the Israelites/Water From a Rock
Lesson 5: The Ten Commandments
Lesson 6: The Golden Calf/The People Complain
Lesson 7: A Place to Worship God/The Ark of the Covenant
Lesson 8: The Promised Land/Joshua and Caleb
Lesson 9: Punishment for 40 Years/Aaron's Walking Stick
Lesson 10: Moses Hits the Rock/A Talking Donkey
Lesson 11: A New Leader/Rahab
Lesson 12: Crossing the Jordan/The Walls of Jericho
Lesson 13: The Day the Sun Stood Still/The Land is Divided

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