Discovering God's Way Junior 1-4 The Judges


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Discovering God`s Way curriculum Junior 1:4 - The Judges

By: L'Von Qualls

Lesson 1: The Canaanites Remain in the Land
Lesson 2: God Sends Judges to Help Israel
Lesson 3: Deborah Helps the Israelites
Lesson 4: Israel Oppressed By the Midanites
Lesson 5: Gideon Saves Israel
Lesson 6: Abimelech - the Self-Appointed Judge
Lesson 7: Israel Ruled by More Judges
Lesson 8: Samson and the Philistines
Lesson 9: Samson Defeats the Philistines
Lesson 10: The Story of Ruth
Lesson 11: Samuel is Dedicated to God
Lesson 12: The Ark is Captured
Lesson 13: Reviewing the Period of the Judges

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