2010 Lecture Book - Living in Captivity


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The Sovereign Lord of History- Melvin Curry

Our God is a Consuming Fire- Tommy Peeler

The God of Hope: Can These Bones Live? Ray Madrigal

The Incurable Wound- Colly Caldwell

Trusting in Gods That Cannot Save- Leon Mauldin

Who is To Blame for This Mess? Monte Hampton

The Wages of Sin: Your House is Left Desolate- Kevin Kay

Wrong Responses to Captivity- Mark Roberts

Purity in an Unclean World- Albert Dickson

Submit to the King of Babylon- Allan Turner

Seek the Welfare of the City- Keith Ward

Will Good Come Out of this Evil? Jason Longstreth

How Will We Live in a Foreign Land? Paul Ayres

Where Will We Worship? Frank Jamerson

When Will Our King Return? Bob Hutto

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