Journeys for Jesus: Into Cities, Homes, & Hearts- Shaping Hearts for God VBS Sample Kit


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Be Brave! Paul's Journeys for Jesus
from the Book of Acts

Vacation Bible School program from Shaping Hearts for God Publications provides materials for all ages. This series covers Paul's Missionary Journeys as described in the book of Acts.

- The ultimate purpose of this VBS series is to instruct and encourage students about living a journey for Jesus.
- The basis of the study is the apostle Paul's preaching journeys featured in the book of Acts.
- The overall theme of the series is "Journeys for Jesus: Into Neighborhoods, Homes, and Hearts"

- Have serious Bible study for all age groups in a fun environment.
- Five lessons are about the apostle Paul's preaching trips recorded in Acts.
- A classroom is dedicated to each lesson, featuring cities Paul visited or activities connected to a segment of his trips.
- Each Lesson is taught by a teaching team which teaches the same lesson through-out the week to a different age group each day.
- Students are divided into age groups.
- An age group visits a classroom each day; rotating from classroom to classroom as the week progresses.
- The effect is going on a journey for Jesus into cities, homes, and hearts.

The Sample Kit includes:
1 Teacher's Guide with instructions for 1 lesson
1 Sample Student book (with parts of a lesson from each age group)
1 Coordinator's Guide with ideas for setup, schedule, graphics, planning content, and overviews
1 Passport / Name tag
1 Certificate
1 Door Graphic
2 Accent Graphics
1 Group Marker / Advertising Poster
1 Map
1 page Character Graphic

Products offered for this series include:
Student Workbooks & Teachers Guides for
- 2's & 3's
- Intermediate Readers
- Emergent Readers
- Middle School and High School
- Maps
- Reinforcement Activities
- Creative Ideas

Supplemental Materials
- Name Tags
- Group Signs/Advertising Posters
- Character Graphics
- Accent Graphics
- Certificates
- Map Set

Request order forms by calling the Bookstore 800-423-1648. Also, order forms are included with any Sample Kit that is ordered.

Compiled and Edited by
David Holder with Mary Andrews, Susan Holder, Jaymi Holland and Pat Underwood

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800 423-1648.

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