Natural Theology


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First published in 1802, "Natural Theology" was written in defense of the teleological argument. His opening statement sets this stage by supposing that if he found a watch upon the ground, then examined its parts, he would necessarily conclude that it was designed for a purpose. His watchmaker analogy is still a favorite of many as a starting point for showing that such complexity cannot possibly have come into existence without an intelligent mind creating it. "Natural Theology" attempts to show that recognizing marks of design and intelligence in nature is not begging the question, but is instead drawing an inevitable conclusion about the nature of design. "Paley's arguments for God and for Christianity still provide the backbone for much of contemporary apologetics." Norman Geisler Co-Founder of Southern Evangelical Seminary Author of Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics "Modern apologists will do well to read and study the classical arguments. The strong appeal to logic and reason, as is evidenced in Paley, is a contrast to the feel-good subjective arguments often presented in the present postmodern world." Doy Moyer Professor of Philosophy and Biblical Studies, Florida College

William Paley

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