Re-Charging Your Prayer Life


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RECHARGING YOUR PRAYER LIFE-Making Use of the Power That's Available

How often have you struggled in you prayer life and wished you could just cry out to Jesus like the disciples did, "Lord teach us to pray."?

This is a study to help women re-charge their prayer lives. This book containes helpful and biblical suggestions which will fill the toolbox of any woman wanting a richer prayer life and consequently a closer relationship with our Lord. Cruse sets out to examine the prayer life of Jesus as well as other Bible heroes and gives consideration to things like what we should be praying for today, making more time for prayer, and how to strengthen our prayer life.

13 lessons with questions provide a good resource for individual or class study.

1 Where are the Jumper Capbles When You Need them? - Refocusing our Prayer life

2 What Did Jesus Do When His Batteries Ran Low? When did Jesus Pray?

3 Do We Need AA or AAA? The People Jesus Prayed For

4 Where Do We Hook the Cables to the Battery? Places Jesus Chose to Pray

5 How Does Static Electrivity Flow From Me to You? The Purpose of Jesus' Prayers

6 How Did Jesus Jump Start the Prayers of Others?

7 How Do We Connect Our Positive/Negative Poles to Others? The Prayers of Jesus' Disciples

8 What is the Power of One? The Apostle Paul's Teaching on Prayer

9 How Can We Keep Our Batteries Fully Charged Today? The Other Disciples' Teaching on Prayer.

10 What About the Power of Ancient Prayers in Modern Times? The Prayers in the Old Testament

11 Where Does Lightning Strike More Than Once? Prayers and Praise Found in the Psalms

12 How Can We Harness the Power of Prayer Today? Prayer in Our Everyday Lives

13 What Other Tips Can Energize Our prayer Lives? Final Thoughts and Tips on Prayer

by Lonnie Cruse

Paperback, Spiralbound, Pages75

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