Discovering God's Way Junior 2-2 Reign of David and Solomon


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Discovering God`s Way curriculum Junior 2:2 - Reigns of David and Solomon

By: L'Von Qualls

Lesson 1. David Becomes King
Lesson 2. The Ark is Returned to Jerusalem
Lesson 3. David Takes Another Man`s Wife
Lesson 4. Absalom Plots Against David
Lesson 5. David Returns to Jerusalem
Lesson 6. The Last Years of David`s Reign Lesson 7. David`s Final Days
Lesson 8. More Psalms of David
Lesson 9. Solomon Becomes Israel`s Next King
Lesson 10. The Glorious Reign of King Solomon
Lesson 11. The Declining Years of King Solomon
Lesson 12. The Wise Teachings of King Solomon
Lesson 13. Reviewing the Reigns of David and Solomon

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