Word in the Heart: Junior 4:4 The Apostles


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Word in the Heart Series 4:4: The Apostles

A study of the apostles for 4th grade students.
Table of Contents:

1.Jesus Chooses His Apostles
2.Ambassadors for Christ
3.The Spirit of Truth
4.The Master's Men
5.The Training of the Twelve
6.Simon Peter: The Apostle Who Confessed and Denied Christ
7.James: The First Apostle to Give His Land
8.John: The Apostle Whom Jesus Loved
9.Andrew: The Apostle Who Brought Others To Christ
10.Thomas: The Apostle Who Doubted
11.Matthew: The Apostle Who Was Once A Tax Collector
12.Judas: The Apostle Who Betrayed Jesus
13.Paul: The Apostle Born Out of Due Time

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