2011 Lecture Book - "Trembling at My Word"


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"Come Out From Among Them": God's Call to Restoration, Buddy Payne

"Trembling at My Word": God's Power for Restoration, Doy Moyer

"The New Heavens and the New Earth": God's Promise of Final Restoration, Don Truex

"The Sound of Weeping and Joy": Courage to Attempt Restoration, Mike Wilson

"They Discouraged the People of Judah": Opposition to Restoration, Kent Heaton

"Not By Might, But By My Spirit": God's Commitment to Restoration, Matt Qualls

"Consider Your Ways": Our Commitment to Restoration, Larry McClenny

"Set His Heart to Study the Law": The Pattern for Restoration, Tom Kinzel

"According to the Law": The Pattern of Restoration, Mike Bozeman

"Let Us Arise and Build": The Distinctiveness of God's People, Ryan Boyer

They Confessed Their Sins": Repentance and Restoration, Roy Diestelkamp

"You Have Turned Aside": Resotration as an Ongoing Work, Gary Henry

"The Day is Coming": Restoration and Judgment, David Bunting

"House of Prayer for All Nations": Restoration for All People, Bob Waldron

"The Lord Has Anointed Me": Restoration as Defined by the Messiah, David Thomley

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