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MP3 Set for the 2011 Florida College Lecture Series (39 lectures, 1 Singing Session)

Bean, Tami In the Abundance of Counselors
Boyer, Ryan "Let Us Arise and Build": The Distinctiveness of God's People
Bozeman, Mike "According to the Law": The Pattern of Restoration
Bunting, David "The Day is Coming": Restoration and Judgement
Burk, Dana If I Perish, I Perish
Caldwell, Colly Lessons from Esther on Divine Providence
Carr, Jeff Foreign Evangelism at Home
Chandler, Royce Evangelism in Colombia
Curry, Melvin Some Thoughts on Revelation 18:1-21:8
Diestelkamp, Roy "They Confessed Their Sins": Repentance and Restoration
Finney, James This is My Story: What I Have Learned in My Years of Preaching
Hamilton, Tom "He Will Restore All Things": How Was John the Baptist Elijah?
Heaton, Kent "They Discouraged the People of Judah": Opposition to Restoration
Henry, Gary "You Have Turned Aside": Restoration as an Ongoing Work
Hunter, Brent Restoration and Forgiveness: What if There is No Repentance?
Jenkins, Ferrell Archaelogy of the Exile and Restoration
Kilgore, John Daniel's Friends
Kinzel, Tom "Set His Heart to Study the Law": Leadership in Restoration
Longstreth, Jason The Role of "Israel" in God's Plan
Madrigal, Ray Reflections on the Textual Criticism of the Greek NT
McClenny, Larry "Consider Your Ways": Our Commitment to Restoration
McClister, David Resurrection and Restoration
Moseley, Micah Daniel in the Lions' Den
Moyer, Doy "Trembling at My Word": God's Power for Restoration
Nunley, Sherri Queen for a Day
Payne, Buddy "Come Out From Among Them": God's Call to Restoration
Peeler, Tommy Comparting Kings & Chronicles in the Divided Kingdom and Beyond
Pickup, Marty "...Until the Period of Restoration of All Things"
Qualls, Matt "Not By Might, But By My Spirit": God's Commitment to Restoration
Robinson, Bill Evangelism in India
Sandusky, Gerry Evangelism in Africa
Thomley, David "The Lord Has Anointed Me": Restoration as Defined by the Messiah
Truex, Don "The New Heavens & the New Earth": God's Promise of Final Restoration
Waldron, Bob "House of Prayer for All Nations": Restoration for All People
Walton, Frank Evangelism in Acts with Modern Applications
Ward, Nathan Literary Clues to Understanding the Book of Esther
Wilson, Jeff Daniel in the King's Court
Wilson, Mike Temwork in Evangelism
Wilson, Mike "The Sound of Weeping and Joy": Courage to Attempt Restoration

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