Discovering God's Way Junior 2-4 Captivity and Return


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Discovering God`s Way Junior Year 2:4 The Captivity and Return

By: L'Von Qualls

This workbook studies the history of God's people from the fall of Jerusalem through the end of Old Testament inspiration. The material covers the historical books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther and the prophetic books originating in the time period.

Lesson 1. The First Captives Taken to Babylon
Lesson 2. Jeremiah Predicts Jerusalem's Destruction
Lesson 3. The Fall of Jerusalem
Lesson 4. Daniel's Life in Babylon
Lesson 5. Ezekiel's Restoration Prophecies
Lesson 6. The First Exiles Return to Jerusalem
Lesson 7. Haggai and Zechariah Encouraged the People
Lesson 8. Esther Saves God's People
Lesson 9. More Exiles Return with Ezra
Lesson 10. Nehemiah Returns to Build Jerusalem's Walls
Lesson 11. Nehemiah Stops Mistreatment of the Poor
Lesson 12. Final Celebrations and Dedication of the Wall
Lesson 13. Reviewing the Period of Captivity and Return

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