Discovering God's Way Junior 3-1 Immauel: God With Us


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Discovering God`s Way Junior Year 3:1 Immanuel: "God With Us"
Grades 4-6

By: Arline Harkrider

Christ is viewed first as the Messiah whose coming was prophesied in the Old Testament. The life of Christ is then surveyed beginning with His birth, baptism, and three years of teaching about the gospel of the kingdom. Finally, His death, burial, resurrection and ascension are considered.

Lesson 1. Jesus in the Old Testament
Lesson 2. Jesus in Genesis
Lesson 3. Jesus and the Old Testament Prophecies
Lesson 4. Jesus and John
Lesson 5. The Birth of Jesus
Lesson 6. Jesus the Child
Lesson 7. Baptism, Temptation, Ministry Begins
Lesson 8. Year One: Preaching, Disciples, Sermon on the Mount
Lesson 9. Year Two: Apostles/Miracles
Lesson 10. The Master Teacher: Jesus' Parables
Lesson 11. Year Three
Lesson 12. Jesus: The Last Week
Lesson 13. Review

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