Discovering God's Way Junior 3-2 Sermon on the Mount


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Discovering God`s Way Junior Year 3:2 Sermon on the Mount
Grades 4-6

By: Kathy Whitman

This book leads the student through Mathew 5-7, one of the best known and most loved sections of the New Testament. When Jesus explained the true nature of the kingdom of God, He gave a formula for success that flatly contradicts the philosophy of the world, both then and now.

Lesson 1. Introduction to Jesus' Sermon
Lesson 2. The Beatitudes
Lesson 3. The Beatitudes
Lesson 4. The Beatitudes
Lesson 5. The Beatitudes
Lesson 6. The Beatitudes
Lesson 7. How to Be Salt and Light
Lesson 8. How to Be in Control
Lesson 9. How to Love, Do Good Deeds, Pray and Forgive
Lesson 10. How to Be Truly Wealthy and How Not to Worry
Lesson 11. How to Judge and Treat Others Fairly
Lesson 12. How to Get to Heaven and Be a Good Builder
Lesson 13. Review

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