Discovering God's Way Junior 3-3 Being a Christian


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Discovering God`s Way Junior Year 3:3 Being a Christian
Grades 4-6

By: Arline Harkrider

This workbook examines why Christianity is different from other world religions; what one must do to be saved; how God organized the local church with elders and deacons; what Bible authority is; and how Christians are authorized to worship. What's being a Christian all about?

Lesson 1. What About "Religion?"
Lesson 2. The Disciples Were Called "Christians"
Lesson 3. "What Must I do to Be Saved?"
Lesson 4. Christians Have God's Promise of Heaven
Lesson 5. Christians are the Body of Christ - the Church
Lesson 6. How Did God Organize Local Churches? - Elders
Lesson 7. How Did God Organize Local Churches? - Evangelists
Lesson 8. How Did God Organize Local Churches? - Deacons
Lesson 9. Bible Authority - What is It?
Lesson 10. How do Christians Worship? - Lord's Supper
Lesson 11. How do Christians Worship? - Singing and Praying
Lesson 12. How do Christians Worship? - Giving and Teaching
Lesson 13. Review

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