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MP3 RECORDINGS ON DISC Set for the 2012 Florida College Lecture Series (39 lectures, 1 Singing Session)

Sunday Afternoon Singing
Panel Evangelism in the British Isles
Allen, Danny Evangelism in Romania
Bean, Craig The Holiness of God
Berkley, Warren The Grace of God
Bingham, Eural Lessons From My Years of Preaching
Bowman, Dee Victory Over Sin
Caldwell, Colly The Will of God
Craig, Ken The Sacrificial System
Creel, Josh The Covenant
Curry, Melvin Reflections on Radical Restoration
Diestelkamp, Andy What It Means to Be Christ-Like
Farish, Pat Our Reconciliation
Finley, Alan The Destructive Nature of Sin
Hamilton, Tom Chronology of the Crucifixion
Hamilton, Tom Death to Sin
Harshbarger, Randy The Passover
Harrell, Ed The Price of Sin
Holloway, Antoine The Power of God
Hunter, Brent Parenting Through the Proverbs
Jenkins, Ferrell Some Places You May Never Visit
Liggin, Rick The Righteous Sufferer
Longstreth, Jason The Cross of Christ in
Thought and Practice
Madrigal, Ray The Prophets and the Women Who Loved Them
Marrs, Ken Evangelism in Ethiopia
McClister, David The Humility of God
McClister, David The Righteousness of God
Moyer, Doy Psalm 22 and the Victorious Sufferer
Peeler, Tommy Cursed is the One Who hangs on the
Pickup, Marty Powerful Evidence for the Truth of the Gospel
Roberts, Andrew Islam vs. Christianity:
The Crucifixion Controversy
Roberts, Liz The Women in Jesus’ Life: His Disciples
Roberts, Liz The Women in Jesus’ Life: His Mother
Roberts, Liz The Women in Jesus’ Life: His Servants
Tharp, Morgan The Greatness of God’s Love
Walton, Frank Our Propitiation
Ward, Nathan Jesus and Job
Williams, Almon Time of Establish of Table Fellowship: Acts 10:11
Williams, Roger Our Justification
Yeater, Alan Our Ransom

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