The Nature of God


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Want a closer relationship with God? Want to enrich your knowledge of who God is and what that means to you? Marc Gibson and Don Hastings have co-authored a workbook designed to increase your understanding of God.

The value of increasing our understanding of God is measured by the ways this knowledge can enhance every area of your life your understanding of self and purpose, your life perspective, and your eternal view. Many have lost their bearings with regards to these. This workbook gives direction to understanding the great truths about the nature of God.

Table of Contents:

1 - Man's Greatest Need is to Know God
2 - The Names of God
3 - God is the Eternal Creator (1)
4 - God is the Eternal Creator (2)
5 - The Triune Nature of God
6 - The All Power, Knowledge, and Presence of God
7 - God is Spirit and is Holy
8 - God is Love, Light, and Truth
9 - The Mercy, Grace, and Longsuffering of God
10 - The Goodness, Compassion, Forgiveness of God, and Immutability of God
11 - God's Fierce Wrath
12 - The Providence of God
13 - Misconceptions About God

By Don Hastings & Marc Gibson
Paperback, 149 pages

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