Calm Answers for Church Problems 1: A Study of 1 Corinthians 1-10


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A Study of 1 COR. 1-10

Courageous Living Bible Study Series, by Wilson Adams

The city of Corinth - rich, busy, intellectual, and sensual . . . if any place needed a church . . .But what happens when Christians succumb to the world around them? What took place in 1st century carnal Corinth can happen in 21st century America. Hence, Paul's timely reproofs for Christians then and now.

With the Courageous Living Bible Study Series, not only is there an easy to read outlined text with each lesson, but the "Digging Deeper" section allows for even more discussion.

Paperback, 60 pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Corinth- the City and the Church (1:1-9)
Chapter 2: United We Stand, Divided We Fall (1:10-31)
Chapter 3: The Depths of God’s Wisdom (1 Cor.2)
Chapter 4: A Plant, A Building, A Temple (1 Cor.3)
Chapter 5: An Apostolic Spanking (1 Cor.4)
Chapter 6: The Corinthian Scandal (1 Cor.5)
Chapter 7: Church House or Courthouse-? (6:1-11)
Chapter 8: It’s My Body, Right? (6:12-20)
Chapter 9: Single or Married-Which is Better? (1 Cor.7)
Chapter 10: Love, Liberty, and a "Meaty" Problem (1 Cor.8)
Chapter 11: A Principle Called "Sacrifice" (1 Cor.9)
Chapter 12: When All Else Fails, Read the Directions (1 Cor.10)

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