Why Can't We Just Get Along?


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Why Can't We Just Get Along?

6 Effective Skills for Dealing with Difficult People

Every woman suffers from relationships that seem broken and past the point of salvaging. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? provides a warm, friendly, and candid resource for women to look honestly at relationship issues and take control of their own lives…regardless of the choices others make. Author and speaker Shelley Hendrix unpacks six biblical principles that will enable readers to “be at peace with everyone.”

With practical, easy-to-understand tools, Shelly helps women

•find peace in their lives and friendships
•discover new motivation to restore and repair hurting relationships
•create closer connections by accepting and appreciating differences in others
•become empowered to serve each other in love
Complete with discussion questions, real-life illustrations, teaching from Scripture, and expert advice from psychologists and therapists, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? is an invaluable resource for women everywhere, showing them how to find peace in places they never thought they could.

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