2013 Lecture Set on mp3

2013 Lecture Set on mp3


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Babcock, Jon-Two Men on the Road to Emmaus
Bunting, Don-Evangelism in New York City
Bynum, Bill-Evangelism in Eastern Europe
Caldwell, Colly-The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Chandler, Todd-God Will Raise Up for You a Prophet: Christ the Prophet
Clifton, Robin-The "70 x 7" Principle
Dickey, Thaxter-"Raised with Christ": Our Spiritual Resurrection
Dow, Daniel-Appointed by God as the Judge: Christ the Judge
Francis, Terry-Glorify God in Your Body: The Foundation of Our Moral Obligation
Fultz, Norman-Recollections from My Years as a Preacher
Hamilton, Tom-Pagan Perceptions: The Resurrection in its Greco-Roman Context
Hovater, Paula -Anthropology in Psalm 8: A Critique of the New Atheism
Hunter, Brent-Immodest Apparel: Tips on How to Teach on this Much-Needed but Touchy Subject
Longstreth, Jason-New Heavens and New Earth
Madrigal, Ray-Anthropology in Psalm 8: A Critique of the New Atheism
Mahan, Steve-People with Disabilities: Disabling or Enabling Approaches
McClister, David-Pistis Christou
McPeak, Robby-Saul of Tarsus on the Road to Damascus
Pickup, Marty-On the Third Day: The Timing of Jesus’ Resurrection
Reeves, Tim-A New Creation: The Reversal of Our Curse
Schrimsher, Bobby-Evangelism in South Africa
Smelser, Scott-The Rocks Will Cry Out: Testimony for the Resurrection from the Empty Tomb and Appearances of Jesus
Smith, Jeff-I Believed, Therefore I spoke: the Motivation of Our Preaching
Starr, Dan-You Are My Son: Christ the King
Weliever, Ken-"Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory": Our Physical Resurrection
Wolfgang, Steve-Biblically Related Artifacts in the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute
Wolfgang, Steve-Saved by His Life: The Assurance of our Hope
Works, Joe-Designated by God as our High Priest: Christ the Priest

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