12 Choices: Life-Changing Decisions You Must Make


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12 Choices: Life-Changing Decisions You Must Make

Courageous Living Series by Wilson Adams

From the beginning to end, life is a series of choices. In fact, there is no greater power the Creator gives each of us. Each choice we make invoilves a fork in the road. You must go one way or the other.

"Choose for yourselves whom you will serve . . ." Joshua 24:14

With the Courageous Living Bible Study Series, not only is there an easy to read outlined text with each lesson, but the "Digging Deeper" section allows for even more discussion.

Paperback, 60 Pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: I Choose to Believe in God
Chapter 2: I Choose to Believe the Bible as God’s Word
Chapter 3: I Choose to Become a Christian
Chapter 4: I Choose to Grow As a Child of God
Chapter 5: I Choose to Forgive Others
Chapter 6: I Choose to Trust God When I Don’t Understand
Chapter 7: I Choose to Love My Spouse
Chapter 8: I Choose to Raise My Kids to Serve the Lord
Chapter 9: I Choose to Serve
Chapter 10:I Choose to Stand
Chapter 11:I Choose to Abound in Kingdom Work
Chapter 12: I Choose to Finish Strong and Go to Heaven

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