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He Was Raised and Appeared and Appeared

"He is Risen": Jesus' Resurrection- K. Moorer
"Raised with Christ": Our Spiritual Resurrection - T. Dickey
"Death is Swallowed Up in Victory": Our Physical Resurrection - K. Weliever
"It is Written in the Book of Psalms": Testimony for the Resurrection from the Psalms - J. Longstreth
"To Fulfill the Scripture": Testimony for the Resurrection from the OT - J. Wilson
"He Saw and Believed": Testimony for the Resurrection from the Rest of the OT- B. Kercheville
"The Rocks Will Cry Out": Testimony for the Resurrection from the Empty Tomb & Appearances of Jesus - S. Smelser
"You are My Son": Christ the King - D. Starr
"Designated by God as Our High Priest": Christ the Priest - J. Works
"God Will Raise Up for You a Prophet": Christ the Prophet - T. Chandler
"Appointed by God as the Judge": Christ the Judge - D. Dow
"Glorify God in Your Body": The Foundation of Our Moral Obligation - T. Francis
"A New Creation": The Reversal of Our Curse - T. Reeves
"I Believe, Therefore I Speak": The Motivation of our Preaching - J. Smith
"Saved By His Life": The Assurance of Our Hope - S. Wolfgang

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Of First Importance: He Died and Was Buried - Daniel W. Petty & H. E.

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