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Is Being a Good Person Enough? (Pack of 5)

As long as I'm a good person, God is happy with me, right?
The most commonly held religious belief in America is, "If you are a good person, you'll go to heaven when you die." If you talk with people about becoming a Christian, many will tell you that they are honest in their business dealings, truthful in their speech, pay their bills on time, try to be good spouses and parents, and even give to charity once in a while. They conclude, "I can't see what there is for me to fear the judgment." They are content to live and die as they are. But is that accurate?

This booklet is aimed at showing non-Christians that our idea of good and God's idea of good are two different things, and that being good does not cover up sin. This is a great booklet for evangelism.

By Allen Webster

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